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TALKS002 - 21/10/2016

bill baird - summer is gone

Musically, Summer Is Gone, in Bill’s words – ‘it's baroque symphonic pop, ambient clouds, and sound collage’.The record itself is a piece of art, using holographic foil stamping along with a translucent vinyl, and to celebrate this release, Bill Baird in partnership with One Pixel Wide have created, an expansive artistic project that explores what happens when we apply this concept of time to music. This is a deeply personal album exploring the simple fact that life is short, time is flexible and the best moments of our lives pass in a blur. Baird spent countless hours to produce over 250 unique mixes of the ten tracks that span the record. These mixes will then be reassembled into unique sequences every hour on the custom website, meaning each time the site is visited, a new version of the record is created, a version which will not repeat itself, well not until 15 billion years later.